Why manual mode is so easy ?


Most of you always wanted to know how to use the manual mode of their camera. Today, I am going to share with you all the tips you need: why, when, how…

In photography, rules are made to be broken, think out of the box. By doing that, you will develop your photographic talent. The best way is for you to use the manual mode of your camera.

Whatever you are a beginner or an experimented photographer there are few rules you need to apply to use the manual mode properly.

The manual mode is made of three elements: shutter speed, aperture, ISO.

Shutter speed:

To put it simply, you will have to play with the shutter speed to expose more or less your camera to the light; here I talk about the time. The higher the shutter speed, the more exposure for your image and vice versa.  I use this manual mode setting for sport and animal photography.


With the aperture, I adjust the quantity of light that my camera will capture.  Altogether, the higher the number -small aperture (f/11, f/12) the less your camera will be able to capture the light.  The depth of field will be more important. I usually use this method for landscape photography.

In contrast, a lower number – big aperture (f/1.4, f/2.8) will help to have a shorter depth of field and thus obtain a beautiful bokeh.  I particularly like this aspect of the manual mode for portrait photography.

Sensibility or ISO:

Finally, the sensibility or ISO, this setting symbolize the capacity of camera to work in low light. If the combination of shutter speed and aperture is not enough to obtain well-exposed images, I will increase the ISO. However, be aware that by using this method, you will have noisy images.  By increasing the ISO with the manual mode, you can have good results in event photography.

My last advice would be:
  • Satisfy your photographic appetite
  • Do not respect the rules above.
  • Practice more and more.
  • Do not set up you camera according to the photos you take but according to the render you want.
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